Wednesday, November 17, 2010

S2:E8 Judgment

Recap: Everyone's favorite sport!
Judgment, huh? Oh, those passers by who always look at me like I am crazy and definitely judge me for sitting outside of a Starbucks in the cold talking to my computer and sounding like I am expecting an answer definitely did not disappoint last night! The looks always the same. So very funny!
So here is the question: why judge? It is my experience that we judge based on what we know or based on our own personal experienced (apologies for the tautology). Why do we find such pleasure in judging others yet complain about others judging us? Why are we so selfish as to want to keep that pleasure for ourselves? I am interested in understanding why do we feel entitled to judge certain people and with others we hold back? Is there a certain hierarchy of judgment of which we all unconsciously form part?
We are, of course, entitled to our opinions. But such entitlement does not necessarily mean that we have the freedom to express them! One of the biggest issues at hand is the fact that we tend to dismiss as empty words what some people say about say about us as means of judgment, yet with others their words or even unspoken thoughts affect us so deeply.
Here is what you missed.

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