Wednesday, November 10, 2010

S2:E7 Freedom

Recap: Why would a tiger want freedom in the moon?!
I tried to address the idea of what freedom is and the types of freedom encountered such as the commonly known physical freedom, which most people enjoy. There is also psychological freedom which is difficult to achieve, but some people can actually presume. Emotional freedom which only a few selected people have had the pleasure to know. Spiritual freedom is the kind that almost nobody even knows exists let alone experience. I wanted to know why do we want freedom of any kind. What pushes us to be free? The possibilities are never ending! But freedom is also subjective which is where it becomes tricky!
Unfortunately, the inquires remain to be explored because the six viewers refused to participate.
I'll leave you kids with the only feedback I got on fb from VB: "Freedom is an inner sense of possibility and liberty. liberation to feel comfortable with who you are, what you want to be, and how to work in this crazy world is around you."
Here is what you missed.

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