Wednesday, November 3, 2010

S2:E6 Plan B

Recap: Plan b is a hidden way to force us to use plan a.

Last night during the show, I wanted to figure out why do we make up a plan b? A plan b is a predisposition to failure. While creating a plan b, we are seeing each way we can fail. But a plan b is also a way to make us understand and use plan a. It shows us more clearly the strong and weak points of our original plan.
The idea of plan a is that we are trying to use a plan to do something or to go somewhere. While the show was on, one of the viewers suggested that if the bridge falls, then you can't walk it as a metaphor to what plan a failing constitutes. If plan a fails because "something" happened, we cannot longer use it. So we must move on to plan b. But this begs the question of when do we come up with plan b? If we had it all along, e.i. if we started to walk on the bridge while pulling a boat with a rope in case the bridge falls, why didn't we just use the boat to cross the river. Yet, if we were not pulling the boat and the bridge falls, plan b becomes to swim in order to survive. What if we do not know how to swim?! If we did and are prepared for such situation, then why didn't we cross the river swimming to avoid the fall. Furthermore, if we made up a plan b to cover the loopholes of plan a, why don't we just use plan b to begin with and avoid any preconceived notions of possible failures? Well, that would make it plan a and we would need another plan b. Also, we cannot go through life thinking that we will need a plan b. Someone else suggested that we come up with plan b because we are not completely confident on plan a. Again, then why even try to use plan a if we are already afraid it might fail. There was not exactly an answer to that question. Another viewer suggested that having more plans just shows how creative we are. Then, we reached a point where having a plan was simple to be used as a guideline, which suggested that we need to know what is going on so we can plan. Circular argument. The problem here is that the time we spend planing whether it is plan a or b, is time we could spend living not waiting for things to happen so we could use another plan.

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