Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LDE Las Vegas

So as all you kids know, I just spent almost a whole week in Las Vegas for work. To sum it up:
  • It was crazy! I was running around all the time and making phone calls like the world was about to end.
  • I had to put my feet on ice -that is how much they hurt.
  • I made a doctor cry.
  • I called a director a diva.
  • I am almost bffs with the CEO (haha). 
  • Pretty much EVERYONE told me what a great job I was doing. 
  • I was called "grace under pressure."
  • I had the best dinners ever (on the company).
  • I failed epically at trying to have fun -the night I decided to go out, I was falling asleep at the club. (I was home by 12:30AM)
  • I received plenty of compliments about my outfits -sadly, I only managed to take pictures on Saturday.
  • The night my bff and I decided to go out for drinks, the VP of Clinical Affairs and the VP of sales showed up and sat for a chat, so failed again.
The bed at Vdara

The deco on the table at the Vdara Bar and my cabernet sauvignon

Some of the pictures from my Saturday outfit


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