Friday, November 26, 2010

The Files

Paper files are, of course, the only way to keep drawings and paintings. As for my written work, I keep it in a special file on my computer because it makes moving it around easier. Yet as much as I adore my MacBook, I do not fully trust it. So I also have a special old-fashioned/paper file of all my work. Though bulky and a bit inconvenient, this kind of file gives me an edge in a twisted way. It is also a better reminder of what I am doing.
Today, I spent some time looking through my archives, I am thoroughly surprised at how my writing has evolved. I am in awe at the darkness of my drawings and the colorful paintings that seem to jealously hide reality. I have always known that art is what most explicitly displays who the artist is, what the artist believes, what the artist wants and why, how the artist hopes to achieve it, where the artist has been, where the artist is going...


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  1. Me too! :) i love keeping my old pictures and writing pieces and looking through them to see how much i have improved over the years. And are you thinking of becoming an artist for your future career then? as thats awesome :)

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