Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bad Example

I read an article in Time Magazine the other day about the current amount of money China is investing in its education system. China has grown exponentially in the past decades while most countries are either stuck at a certain level of growth or simply not improving at all. The author of the article mentioned how China’s investment in education contrasts with the current budgetary deficit experienced by the education system in the United States. Naturally, my mind travelled back to a course I took a couple of years ago in college that aimed at providing an understand of what Japan did in a correct manner to grow as it did half a century ago while also touching upon what China had been doing in the past decades and the impact such policies have had. Between analyzing the memories of the lectures and reading material from that course along with the newly acquired information from that article, I reached an understanding that the United States serves as a bad example. Commonly, people believe that the United States is an model of prosperity and has set the standard for what every nation must aim at for a better quality of life. Yet, there is such a contradiction in such belief. The United States has a work culture, if any culture at all. In the United States people live to work, which means they hardly enjoy the commodities their hard earned dollars could provide them. As a side note, let me clarify that the level of poverty in the United States is also high except it is more evenly spread, thus it is not always recognized as been so. 
China is doing the exact opposite of what the United States did, and is doing, and it is working! China first invested in infrastructure and then on education. By following such a route, China ensured that there was cheap hard working labor to attract investment as a first step to development. The United States first focused on education, which created a better prepared labor forced that did not have a society to handle it nor the amounts of money required to encourage such work force to flourish.. After the growth of investment was secured, China is now devoting its resources to education. It has a basis strong enough to now support a well prepared work force. In the mist of the world economic situation, by spending its resources within, China is guaranteeing its own growth –even if it is at the expense of the rest of the world. 
China does not boast about its achievements as other nations do. It quietly allows other nations to speak of them. China is followings a model that has been strengthened by other nations’ mistakes rather by their successes. It is avoiding being caught by the whirlpool of doom by analyzing the steps that lead other nations directly into it and bluntly walking the opposite way.

Dear beautiful Mexico, please take note.


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