Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Secret Plot

As it is of public dominion that I have been living off of sandwiches and salads for the past few months, some new events had made me think there is a secret plot going on in LA to make me want to return home instead of going across the ocean. The key factor involved is, of course, food. My mother has been cooking rather richly for the past few weeks. She has outdone herself. She has made pozole, tamales, atole de piña, flan, mole, caldo de res, tacos al pastor, caldo de espinazo, gorditas, and chilaquiles all in the past few weeks. If any of you grew up in a Mexican household, you know that there is usually some time in between making these sorts of meals with the exception perhaps of the last two. Further more; if you know my mother, you also know she does not cook every day of the week because she works 10 hour days (sometimes more). Also, elaborate meals are only prepared once a week. But, it does not end there. As she has been breaking her only cooking rules, she makes it a point to tell my sisters not to tell me about what she is making because I might want it and oh, poor I can’t have it as I not at home. Thus, triggering my sisters to tell me about all the delicious meals they are having. So yes, I am inclined to believe that she is plotting against me via her cooking so I decide to go back to LA. However tempting it is, I will not fall victim to it. 
I will return home as originally planned for a couple of weeks, but right after the allotted time is over, I will depart -again!


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