Wednesday, October 13, 2010

S2:E3 Amor del Bueno (True Love)
Recap: finding the perfect balance
Last night's show was so promising and it turned out rather dull. Despite the controversial topic, it seemed like those who watched were simply scared to speak or perhaps only the two kids who participated where watching. Who knows! But we did talk about the ridiculousness of the socially constructed idea of love as well as touching upon its subjectivity. Definitions and standards. I mentioned my theory of finding a balance between pleasure and pain, which becomes ever changing. We did not seem to get anywhere, however, as the lack of participation left me to expose my ideas.

You can sort of watch the video of last night's show here. I apologize for the horrible definition, but I don't seem to be able to make this work. I am technologically challenged! Remember to send me your comments, questions, complaints, suggestions, etc to so we can start off next week's episode with a mini recap.

Kids without you the show does not exist, don't let me down.

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