Monday, October 25, 2010

The Reading

It took me a few days to choose which pieces I would read, but I chose. I translated when necessary. I forgot to come up with transitions prior to the reading, but improvising seemed to have worked out well. My artwork was supposed to be hanging on the walls, but as it is currently located at my permanent address it was rather difficult to have it mailed over. So I did without. All I had were the print outs of what I had chosen to share. I went from excited to scared and back in a matter of seconds. It was like riding a roller-coaster over and over again. I received many good luck texts and facebook messages which made me feel rather important *thank you for those kids* I felt ready. I could have ruled the world at that moment except I had a reading to attend: my own.
The audience arrived on time. One by one they crossed the threshold to the small venue. Hug after hug I grew stronger. It was personal. It was nerve wrecking. It was a challenge. Oh, but wait! I have to mention a rather critical detail: the rain. It rained incessantly as if to provide me with the last droplets of courage I so desperately needed. It was a simple, soothing, non-distracting soundtrack. Perfection. The reading started at 8:10pm as we were on Berkeley time. It was a touch of the past in the present. There was a bottle of wine in the table that was never opened, which I would like to think of as a good thing. I read. I read, and then I read some more. The reading flowed like a river running towards the ocean. It was desperately attempting to reach greatness. There was laughter! There were questions! There were comments! There was silent applause! It was epic!
I want to thank those of you who contributed to making the reading happen! Also, thanks to those who wished me luck and were there in spirit and thank you so very much to those who attended!
The venue

S took all the pictures and JP saved the night by securing the venue.

En Honor a la Noche
Yo nunca prometí
que una dosis te haría bien
cuando por añadidura solamente
a probar yo te dí.
Su amargo sabor
a tu paladar agradó
fue como una maldición
que te atrapó.
Tú intentas escapar
pues ahora es tarde ya
y como víctima te puedes contar.


©Copyrighted 2010

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