Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Origins

Art will not be held captive any longer. Yet, whether it will to be allowed to run free has already been determined as the artist can afford to be mutilated but not detached. The artist and her creations will remain connected through a very thin leash sprinkled with reality. It is impossible to think that art can be created and then left behind. Art is always carried around by the artist. Art carries around the artist. They remain one. One divided into many pieces that remain together through an invisible link in order to not fall apart. It is a link that is weakened by the constant attacks reality launches against it in an attempt to destroy it, but inadvertently those attacks also provide it with more strength. Such link is so strong that it can withstand ages, but so weak that it can be blown away by the wind. Immortal, however, art will remain.

I do not care to be admired causelessly, emotionally, intuitively, instinctively -or blindly. I do not care for blindness in any form. I have too much to show -or for deafness, I have too much to say. I do not care to be admired by anyone's heart -only be someone's head. 
-Ayn Rand

This is not an opportunity to flaunt the author/blogger through pictures or words or throw some candy coated facade. She is a bohemian soul trapped in a simple human body that does not allow for as much creativity as is required. There is not need to be hyped or degraded for assurance. She lives, learns and moves on. She doesn't believe in material idolatry, but is also aware that there is a better life that is much more expensive than the one she currently lives. She is amused by minimalism in every aspect, yet thrives to find the complicated in every detail. Beware that she can be extremely sarcastic, cynic, and perhaps even evilly arrogant and narcissistic but always genuine.

Inspired without reason, not to be analyzed, but to leave a mark without being understood.
Mi VENENO te hace falta. 


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