Friday, October 15, 2010


Oh see-ay-lows!! Haha
I am beyond thrilled to announce that my first ever would-be book reading will take place in a few days! I told you kids a few weeks earlier I was planning a would-be surprise, but I did not want to provide any details as it was on a rather premature stage of development. Well, after about a month of as-intense-as-my-job-allowed PR work and divine intervention of my close friends, I can tell you that it is happening! I still have so much to do before the reading actually takes place that I am terrified I won’t be ready. I definitely intend to do my very best. But perfect as I am, I cannot predict what every variable will be. As a sneak peak I can reveal that I will be reading both in English and Spanish as I write in both languages. 

Mi veneno te hace falta
[Translation: my venom is something you need] 

Tag line: 
Inspired without reason, not to be analyzed but to leave a mark without being understood. 

470 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley Campus 

October 23, 2010 


I am looking forward to seeing all of you there!


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p.s. The title was not chosen upon a bias towards one language against the other. It has a deeper meaning than such banality.

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