Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nearly Perfect Couple

Last weekend I saw a four year old play the New Super Mario Bros.Wii. I am not going to get into details of the event, but let me just say I NEED a Wii and the New Super Mario Bros.Wii NOW!!!!!
Mario has SOOOOOO many new powers along with the classics! AND don't let me start on the new locations and his new friends! I was so tempted to just start playing with VB's nephew, but I was totally scared that I was not going to be able to leave the house. I am pretty sure if I start playing again, I am going to be hooked like I was in the past. Honestly, I remember my days of addiction to playing all the time! Those days were amazing, but seriously looking back they were too much! When I left the game and the console in Mexico, I literally went through withdrawal -though it was about several games not just Super Mario-. As time went by, I began to just miss it, and the desire to play all the time became weaker. I found other addictions like reading. Yes, I am a nerd. I am addicted to video games, literature and art. Unheard of, but true indeed! Ha! As time passed, I thought I was completely cured until a new development came about. My then boyfriend was a bit of a nerd himself and quite tech savvy, so as soon as he found out I liked to play Super Mario Bros, he installed it on my laptop! I was in heaven! May I add, I was in college at this point. I have since managed to kick this addiction to the curve for some years. I was not exactly able to play too much in college as attending the number one public university in the nation kept me rather busy. But the temptation was there. It still is even though I gave my old laptop to my sister and decided against installing the game on the new one. I figured I would just grow up. I was wrong. I have to realize that my addiction to Super Mario Bros (or video games in general) is an intrinsic part of who I am. So after seeing all the new tricks and the graphics, I definitely want the Wii and the New Super Mario Bros.Wii! In fact, I NEED it!
Of course, I immediately did the math! The total comes to at least $600 USD after adding everything up. The console and the game are obviously the center of this unjustified expense. But I would also need extra remote controllers (I have two sisters and friends. Playing alone is fun, but playing with others can become an event!). I also need a TV, which is not going too far as I do not already own one. Plus, if I buy a TV, it has to be one that is worth the trouble. All that without even considering the extra games I would buy. It is impossible to think I would only buy one! Haha So I came to the conclusion that I cannot afford this expense at the moment. My instant reaction: Damn it! I will just have to wait it out and buy it in the hopefully not so distant future...


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