Friday, October 22, 2010

For the Record

I have NEVER denied how much I lust after becoming a published author. Such desire will always be present even after I am published (because I WILL BE). Yet, despite my insufferable desire to be published, I had not until very recently acquired the sufficient confidence that lead me to make the most important decision in the road to publication. Until I reached that point, I had not been ready to share with the world. I am now. That is the reason for the Mi Veneno te Hace Falta reading. In the past, the few who have read some of my work, had asked that I shared both more with them and with more people. I wanted to, but I could not. Such statements sounds so ridiculous considering that being published is precisely sharing with the world what one has written. But it takes time to for one to be ready to take that step despite how much one wants it!
So for the record, I want to clarify that I did not mean to confuse anyone with the upcoming reading. I did write a book. In fact, I have written several all of which remain unpublished. But will most certainly be published in the near future.

I hope you kids are ready for tomorrow, because I... will be! haha See you kids tomorrow at 470 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley Campus at 8pm for the Mi Veneno te Hace Falta reading.







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