Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Beginning

First of all, it was a mission to get to where VB & I were supposed spend this weekend. I took the bus to where VB lives at the moment. It came two hours late! The ride took five hours and it was only the first part of the trip. Upon arrival, we slept for a couple of hours and then we were on our way for another trip that lasted a few more hours which would take us to our final destination. I basically spent the bulk of my weekend on a moving vehicle.
The sky was nice! It was so inviting, but we knew better. We were headed to the heat!

True to form, it was scorching hot when we arrived to the first stop: the parade. Minutes after our arrival, the rain began to fall. I could feel the heat burning me and the drops of water hitting me! Such a paradox of nature!

My favorite part of the parade:

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