Monday, October 4, 2010


Before I tell you kids about my Saturday, let me tell you about how last Friday at work my ears bled during a company wide meeting. You kids might think this is an exaggeration, but beware your eyes will hurt when they see the words that expose the origin of my intense ear pain. Starting today, we have disaster rest of the year at work *chills* For some reason, someone decided it would be a good idea to have disaster Thursdays for the rest of the year as an experiment to measure productivity. I am unaware in whose mind disastrous attire is a drive for productivity. I will most definitely forget it is officially disaster Thursdays every day for the rest of the year as I can be far more productive if I am properly dressed. I know I might be reprehended by HR again for dressing up for work, but I refuse to submit to this practice. I will not participate in this apocalypse. Even if I wanted to, I cannot follow the herd: my jeans are almost 200 miles away from me. Finally, I fail to understand why HR wastes its time complaining about my outfits when we have people wearing sweats and showing their tattoos. RIDICULOUS! As Nes said, we need to figure out how we can successfully report people who wear the eff-with-my-pupils types of outfits.
In the meantime, I am seriously considering starting a charity fund that will provide these people mirrors so they are aware of what they look like before they leave their house. It might not be much, but it is bound to help if only due to the pain it will inflict their eyes when they see their reflection. Mmm what if they are immune?! What if they are perpetually brain damaged due to the extended exposure to such harmful practices?!
The world might, indeed, be coming to an end!! Apocalypse!! Life as we know it cannot be possible having all these creatures waltzing around dressed as mentally challenged piƱatas!

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