Friday, September 10, 2010

The Greatest Escape

The current “limits” will be pushed beyond. Since starting over is indeed the worst that can happen, the steps to be taken must be measured carefully just not so much that they are not taken. One cannot waste existence starting over every so often or the end will never be reached. One would never live if time was spent in such manner.
I can already feel the adrenaline rushing throw my veins. I am so scared that I find myself helplessly paralyzed. I cannot move. I cannot scream. My thoughts are stuck in one idea that I deliberately ignore. The darkness cannot and will not blind me. I am so excited that I even find myself searching the end of the world for details to improve my tactics. I cannot take the doses of self-imposed torture anymore. I cannot wait to enjoy the beauty of and from beyond, but I must so I will. I will kick. I will run. I will scream. Whatever it takes, I will do. That is the measure of how much I want this.

I am planning my greatest escape yet. There isn’t anything that possesses the ability to stop me. This in the turning point. *insert evil laugh*


©Copyrighted 2010

p.s. Are you ready for this journey? You are definitely taking it with me!

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