Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Season Two

After a successful first season, The Colors of Chaos returns! Don't miss the season premiere September 21, 2010 8pm PST at ustream.tv/channel/the-colors-chaos

Season One was a spontaneous exploration of ideas to be shared. It was a great way to acquire a feel for what route to take. Every episode of Season One possessed its own theme though at the end they all seemed to be connected by an invisible thread. We explored a range of themes from the very superficial to the rather controversial. Every episode had a different response and reception. But they were equally special.
Season Two will be full of surprises. Yet, it will continue to stay true to the show's origins.

Every Tuesday night at 8pm PST

Direct your suggestions, comments, questions, complaints, etc. to thecolorsofchaos@gmail.com


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