Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S2:E2 Temptations

Recap: "The best way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde
Last night, we touched upon many issues pertaining to temptations as the show was not as focused as it should have been. We discussed what makes a temptation a temptation and we seem to have decided it really just depends on what it is, when it is encountered and the person who faces it. There are not set guidelines or definition of what a temptation is. It simply varies. We also discussed whether falling for a temptation is a matter of being weak or strong. One is weak if one falls into a temptation as one could not resist. On the other hand, one is also strong when falling into a temptation as one simply jumps at the challenge and confronts the consequences without thinking too much about them. Bravery, perhaps.  The consensus, however, seems to have been weakness as the reason why people fall into a temptation. 
We also touched upon why we fall for certain temptations and not others. What makes a temptation so greatly enticing that one falls for it and what do others so epically lack that we resist them was something we did not seem to agree. Paradoxically, some people mentioned temptations are fun so one falls into them to make life a bit more entertaining while others, the majority, agreed that one does not fall into a temptation to make life fun. The idea of having a temptation we could fall into any minute but resisting it at all costs. 
At the end, we can all agree that we have all been tempted at some point of our lives. Many a times, to be realistic. We have fallen into some and others we have resisted. What triggered our decisions at the time was our interpretation of the circumstances. The cycle will repeat itself as we will certainly continue to be tempted.

I want to thank you kids for your support. Last night the show had plenty of difficulties from a late start to the unexpected on site observers, but we got through them. Keep your comments coming!! Also, I have some great news! As of next week, you will be able to watch the show online if you miss it, but that does not mean you should miss it as without you kids there is no show!

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