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S2:E1: Superstitions

Recap: Why do we believe such ridiculous statements?!
The premiere of season two could not have been better! Could this be an omen of how great this season will be? Mmm, it all started with a superstition and it turned out well, so far... Last night we spoke about superstitions. Yes, we talked about those beliefs that seem so ridiculous yet we are not willing to give up. Whether we grew up hearing them or learn them at a later age, superstitions are an important part of our every day lives. We all know them -some more than others- even if we don't believe in all of them. The one we can all be found wondering about is the meaning of a dream. We have all asked at some point what would a dream we had means, mostly because we desperately want it to mean something, but that is a story for another show. There are others such as the wishing upon blowing off birthday candles or shooting starts which we all practice despite how old we are. One of the viewers mentioned that if we hold our breath while passing through a tunnel and make a wish, it will come true. I must confess I had heard this one before and I felt victim of it though, truth be told, I forgot what I wished for, which is obviously a problem when trying to prove if these things work. Then, we have all heard about the famous seven years of bad luck upon breaking a mirror. But did you kids know there is a cure for it? Well, there is! If you bury the pieces or let them be washed away by a stream you will forgo the seven years of bad luck. Good to know, right? Who has not heard about the black cat and the walking under a ladder? What if you really like black cats or the ladder is part of the decor?! How about the picking up a coin only if it heads up? What if you need the coin to complete your bus fare? Isn't that good luck even if it is tails up?
Among these very common superstitions, we also find one that says that a rabbit foot is good luck. It obviously did not work for the rabbit so why would it work for us? Birds in the house are apparently seen as bad luck, but I grew up thinking they were good luck as they always sang (my mother had many birds at home growing up in a third world country. In fact, she just bought birds to have in the new house).  We have all heard of the very famous ringing ears. If the right one rings, someone is talking well about you; if the left rings, then someone is speaking ill about you. How about the one that if you hit your left elbow, you should not by any means rub it for comfort because they pain is good luck. Pain as good luck, what is wrong with us? 

Salt. Enough said.
Apparently, if you see a lizard is because you have a secret enemy. What about those people who have lizards as pets? If you see a spider going down its web, you will soon travel. Well, yes you are not exactly going to stand there observing the spider go up and down. If you place a swan feather on your lover's pillow, s/he will be faithful. My guess is that such state will only last until s/he finds out you are crazy by trying to keep him or her next to you using a feather!
Have you seen how many of superstitions are related to animals. The fascination is amazing. But let's move on. Do not open an umbrella under a roof. Why? It's bad luck. There is not an explanation as to why. But then again, do any of the explanations for any superstition make sense? Not really. There is also a rather huge association to bad luck of the number 13. For example, if 13 people dine together, the first to stand will be the first to die out of the group. Often if not always, buildings do not have a thirteenth floor or cities are missing 13th st or ave. Yet, there are many people who believe the number 13 is very lucky.
What about the tons of superstitions associated with weddings. It all begins with saying that if someone sweeps your feet, you'll never get married. Someone must do that to me, please!! Haha What about the one that if you sleep with a piece of wedding cake under your pillow, you will dream of your future husband/wife? I mean SERIOUSLY, did anybody think of the sheets?!! But then we also have the need for something blue, something borrowed, something old and something new worn by the bride for good luck. I ask myself, good luck on what? The marriage? If she needs all this "luck," then maybe that is a sign that she should not be getting married in the first place. Why isn't the groom allowed to see the bride on the wedding dress before the wedding? Has he not seen her before? This is rather confusing. But it continues, the now wife must not trip upon entering the new house hence the ordeal of having her be carried through the threshold of her new life. Why? Oh, don't get me started on what it means to be married a certain day or a certain month. RIDICULOUS!
But there is more! Every pregnant woman should wear a red ribbon or she runs the risk of an eclipse causing her child malformations (mental or physical). Mmm did the people who came up with this one ever heard about genetics and chemical substances? I believe it is safe to say that they did not.
New year, shall we? Wear red to find love. Wear yellow to make money. Wear green to be healthy. Take out some luggage and walk around to travel. Sweep the house so all bad things leave. Eat 12 grapes and make a wish. Kiss someone. Leave the doors to the house open to elt all the evilness out. Dancing in open air for good fortune. Draining a bottle to the last drop for good luck. Do not do laundry or wash dishes on new year least you want someone on your family to die. There are too many to enumerate actually, but do we even have time to think about all these let alone do them in such a small amount of time it takes to switch years. In other words, the year switch happens instantly so this is practically impossible! Yet, so many people attempt to fulfill them. To end, does the direction of the wind at sunrise decides the fate of the new year? What if there is no wind?!
Finally, one we all fear: pull a gray/white hair out and ten more will grow on its place! One to remember, never say goodbye to someone over a bridge or you will never see them again. You might want to reconsider if you actually don't want to see that person ever again. I am just saying this can also be helpful. One last one, girls if you drop a fork while you are eating, it is a sign that you will have a male visitor! No, it doesn't work that way. It has to be an accident. haha

I would like to give thanks to all my viewers! You kids make the show as I have told you before. Thank you for sending your comments, questions, and suggestions. Keep them coming!!!

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  1. Lovely, it looks similar to something I wore a few days ago.


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