Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I lose focus and time begins to waste away. The moment I realize what is occurring I am propelled to run as fast as I can to catch a train that seems to have left me a long time ago. I never catch up. But the train stops every now and then if only for a few seconds. I debate whether I should board. It leaves again. It is a battle. It is a constant mental struggle to decide whether I should or even whether I can. The what was not always clear, but it absolutely cannot be mistaken now. The issue at hand does not include the why as it slowly built its reasons through the words that formed complicated thoughts and then vanished. The results remained, however. The issue here is the how. How. How. How. How to make the what and the why evolve into a road map that would navigate through the challenges with enough force to surpass the borders in which they are confined. As the only constant, change will rightly become the best ally to complete this never ending process. Change will be the powerful tool that would ensure I remain on the road whatever it takes, however long it is. Change can lead me to the end of the journey if there is one. Slowly I begin to focus again. Clarity breaks through the blur. The how manifests itself… this is how!

If I am going to call myself a poet [/writer/artist], I need to earn it and make writing [/art] a priority not a pastime.
–Mayda del Valle

Stay tuned for an update on some upcoming changes.

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