Monday, September 20, 2010

On a Budget

It is ridiculous! That is all as Miranda Priestley would say. Not even in my truly economically constrained college years had I experienced this sort of torture. To add insult to injury, it is self imposed. Yes, I am on a rather tight budget by choice. I am not saying I am making a fortune at work, much to the contrary. But I could be enjoying a somewhat better quality of life right now. With that said, I am desperately trying to save because I will NEED every penny in a few months. So I will endure the torture and bask on the reward in due time. I know the sacrifice will be worth it, but it sure hurts to know that I can, from an economic point of view -in fact- afford to buy things I want, but incidentally don't need, yet I cannot actually buy them for other reasons. I want everything I see which makes the torture so much unbearable because I could potentially buy these things I find myself lusting over. But I shall control my spending instincts just a little longer. Saving is so hard!! Ugh!!

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