Wednesday, September 15, 2010

México lindo y querido...

I cannot express with words the extent to which I desire I were in México ready to celebrate the Bicentenario while I patiently wait for the Grito at the Zócalo.
I won’t speak. I will remain quit. I will keep this insufferable desire to myself. I will let it burn deeply and strongly. I will let it tear me apart from the inside if it so wishes. It is the least I can do as I am aware that my absence is completely a matter of choice. Who in their right mind would chose not to be present in such commemoration, you kids might wonder? I did. I chose not to go, but not because I did not care for the festivities. I chose not to go because I wrongfully believed that was the mature decision of someone who is cannot afford to fall off a road that will deliver her directly to her destination. Do I regret not going? Yes, I do very much indeed. To miss such a moment in history in an attempt to reach a goal is simply unacceptable. Time does not stop is true, but I there are certain things that can and must be put on hold to enjoy events of this magnitude. I will reach my destination eventually, but the Bicentenario only happens ONCE and I am epically missing it!
Dear México, I am so deeply sorry I cannot celebrate within your borders. I do hope you will forgive me and receive me with an embrace next time I walk your land.
If Spanish is a language you are fluent in, please read this article about the meaning of the commemoration for the Mexicanos.
México lindo y querido
si muero lejos de ti,
que digan que estoy dormida
y que me lleven a ti.


©Copyrighted 2010

p.s. Yes, I purposely put those accents marks there. I know I wrote this post in English, but I wrote them out of respect for my beloved motherland. 

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