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Las Aparicio

In the typical Mexican novela the protagonist is a girl who is dragged through hell and back in order to be with the man she loves and who will end her sufferings. Whatever happens throughout the innumerable episodes, at the end, the couple is together and they live happily ever after. It is the sort of thing where the girl just waits for her prince charming to save her. RIDICULOUS!
Las Aparicio, on ther other hand, are women who do not want a prince charming who will save them. They want a warrior who will fight battles with them. In case that does not make the difference clear, allow me to state that Las Aparicio is a series which cannot be further from what a novela entails or is known for. I am proudly beyond obsessed with this series!  
Las Aparicio is a series whose woman take the stand and fight their own fights. They do not let others fight for them. Las Aparcio showcase, once again, that women are capable of shinning alone. There is a curse circulating around them as all the children born to these woman are girls and all the men –husbands, die. Rafaela, the matriarch of the family was married three times and lost all three husbands to different accidents. She had three girls.
Alma who is the oldest and she has a free spirit. She does not let anyone handle her. She owns an atelier - an art studio/gallery/coffee shop/sexuality workshop center, but on the side she also runs an therapy escort service for woman who need psychological help many of whom do not even know it. She is a widow as her mother having lost her husband, Maximo, to a murder that is still in the dark as far as justice goes. She still see her husband as a ghost who was over twenty years her senior and a gangster of sorts. Now Alma has a relationship with Leonardo, who just so happens to be Maximo’s protégée and who suspects Alma and Rafaela of having ordered Maximo’s murder. Mercedes is the second of Rafaela’s daughters. She is lawyer who fights for justice in every sense of the word. She takes on cases that nobody else would and wins them through perseverance and hard work. She is also a widow whose husband died while having sex with his mistress. Mercedes takes over her late husband’s partnership in a law film he co-founded with his best friend, Claudio, with whom Mercedes has a torrid romance. Mercedes and Claudio call this affair their last time, but it never is. Julia is the youngest of Rafaela’s daughters. She has problems deciding on what her sexual orientation as she finds herself split between her on and off boyfriend, Armando, and her best friend and on and off girlfriend Mariana. Mariana is an Aparicio by choice and by informal adoption. She grew up with Julia and Rafaela loves her as her own making her an important part of the family. Mariana has a complete story of her own in the series including the meeting of her long lost father, the nonexistent relationship with her mother who only sends her money, and other issues. 
Iliana is Alma and Maximo’s daughter. She disapproves of anything her mother does and is coming to terms with all things sexual. Isadora is Mercedes’s daughter. She just wants to know why there aren’t any men in the family.
Aurelia is a very important part of the clan though she is not an Aparicio herself. She is the nanny to all the girls and Rafaela’s best friend. She knows ALL the family secrets and is wise beyond belief. 
The other secondary yet important characters in the series are as mentioned before, Maximo’s ghost. Leonardo who also sees Maximo’s ghost except his Maximo is a sort of “good” one. Armando and Mariana as mentioned before though Mariana has a far more important role in the series. Alejandro who is one of Alma’s escorts with whom she had something going on at some point. He still believes she will come back to him and she finds herself a bit torn at times. Mara who is Leonardo’s assistant and becomes involved with Alejandro. Iliana’s boyfriends.  
This is only a brief description of the characters in the series. The storyline changes quickly as the series addresses current events on the daily. It is rather refreshing to watch a series that attempts to single handily revolutionize television! I could go on, but the truth is the only way to know the GREATNESS of this series is by watching it!

Alma Aparicio is my favorite!


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