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As many of you, if not all, know by now, I was born and raised in Mexico. Though I visit every so often, I have now been away for many years. Not a day goes by that I do not miss it. Yet, despite missing it so much, I cannot see myself living there again, at least at the moment. I embrace the good and the bad my country has to offer because both qualitatively speaking are intrinsic part of what makes Mexico the country it is. Perhaps in the near future the situation might improve and then I will go back to stay. But until then, all I can do is enjoy the opportunities I have to visit my beautiful motherland.
Mexicans never shy away at the face of suffering; much to the contrary, they turn suffering around into a reason for celebration. Mexico's beauty is breathtaking... I cannot elaborate on its flora, its fauna, its climate, its architecture, its hidden small towns, its history, its people. I can only make it explicit that one must experience the country in all its magnitude in order to begin to understands its beauty and its power.
Living within its borders was tough, but I would not change my childhood for anything. Mexico molded my identity and indeed taught me that whether crawling through the ground in order to move or walking straight up, I must NEVER forget who I am nor where I came from. Mexico never does. 
Now, do not misconstrue the connotation of the word tough as used above. Growing up in Mexico was tough because because there were so many outdated expectations for women, which I began to promptly disrespect at an early age. There were also financial difficulties as I grew up in a rather small town. Yet, need was something I never endured. I do not know how my mother and my father managed, but I enjoyed some luxuries if I dare say so myself. Growing up in Mexico taught me not to take anything for granted as a woman and as I human being. It taught me to strive and march on until my goals are reached, and the importance of having a strong base that will hold me and which can shake but never break. The years I spent in Mexico as a child/teenager were the best and I cherish the privilege of being able to look back and see those years at the base of who I am.
I cannot imagine myself growing up anywhere else but in Mexico. The mark I have within me for growing up in a country so culturally rich will be with me forever.

Today, September 16, 2010, my dear beautiful Mexico is turning 200 years old. Words cannot covey the emotions this event provokes. Words also fail to explain its meaning. Today every Mexicano and Mexicana around the world celebrates the 200 years of having reclaimed the right to call our motherland a free and independent nation. I said reclaimed because Mexico was held captive with its wings closely tight to itself with barbed wire, but it liberated itself. [To paraphrase what I read in a great paper in college] Mexico was mistaken for a virgin land that needed to be penetrated as if to be saved. The conquistadores were wrong and we have proven that Mexico can stand on its own. Yes, it has been a long road full of bumps, but we have made it. TWO HUNDRED YEARS. TWO CENTURIES. Freedom. Autonomy. Independence. Though we will not be alive then, Mexico will commemorate many, many centuries more of being Mexico lindo y querido.


¡Como México no hay dos! 

Orgullosamente Mexicana,

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