Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello September

September has arrived. It is currently spending a bit of time at the door resting. It will begin unpacking soon. September will need a couple of days to settle in. Then, it will proceed to take over with full force. September’s most remarkable feature is that it begins to weave autumn out of thin air. Autumn is my favorite season. It has the perfect balance of coldness and warmth. I can drown in how beautiful the trees look when they emerge from their green suits and show their naked orange-ness. Perhaps I enjoy the contrast with the blue sky… Autumn also marks the beginning of the Autumn/Winter fashion season which I most certainly love!
Compliments to autumn aside, September brought a realization in its luggage. I have 15 weeks left to spend in the beautiful Central Cali Coast. Isn’t that crazy?! Time has flown by quickly! After those 15 weeks, I will be spending 2 weeks in Los Angles and then *drum roll* I’ll be gone! To where, you kids might ask. It is not a secret, but I will tell you in due time. I promise.
I cannot wait for the life that awaits me! These next 17 weeks will pass by at hyper speed!
Official countdown has begun!

One more thing, remember those informal emails I sent to magazines and newspapers. I sent a total of eight. I have received four responses to date. Not bad, I think. Three of those responses are from abroad. One response came from south of the border and two others from England. Provided the responses were not exactly what I wanted, but at least they took the time to look at my work so that I believe is a great beginning! I know you are probably thinking I was a bit much to send emails abroad, but you kids know I am not quite planning to spend my life in this country so I might as well start knocking on doors elsewhere. When it comes to that, I can truly say the sooner, the better.


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