Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have given this some thought.
Being in darkness, walking with the shadows would make my work more real. Being observed under a black light by only those who know would make my work more distinctive. If my work lived under those circumstances, it would be raw. It would not be contaminated by mainstream expectations and pollution. It would fly under the radar and will only be criticized by those who have taken the time to know it and can, therefore, offer a true opinion of it. It will only be followed by those who are able to appreciate it as it evolves. Not, not because the creative process would be part of the exposition, but simply because it would be understood as part of a bigger never ending process: the creation of the artist herself. As an artist, I would be the phoenix that endures the painful burning process over and over again for the simple pleasure of emerging every time. My work would not be because... it just would be.
Remaining underground is a paradox, however. Being underground is to fight for something I don’t want. It would be searching for a light, I would never want to find. Yet, I know I want to see the light. That light which will expose decay. That light will force me to keep my work as raw as it was meant to be. I would not want to blow out the bulb by overexposing it to the radiation a decomposing life emits. I want the light to shine dully, barely enough to let my work be seen while I remain in the darkness.


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