Monday, August 30, 2010

Things we lose along the way

Who obviously did not matter or we would have made an effort to hold on to them. Except for those who found the end of their days, those people have a category of their own.

Material Possessions.
Things we desperately wanted at some point and we grew tired of. 
Things we did not really need. 

Things we simply had to leave behind because we could not take with us. Things that simply run their course.

Sentimental Possessions.
Some simply cease to matter. Others are replaced.

Some fade. Others we purposely forget.

They change with us in order to accommodate our ambitions.

The measure of our days.

Despite all of which we ultimately achieve.


©Copyrighted 2010

p.s.  I decided to wear eye shadows again. Yes, the fact that my mother and my father would not let off telling me I looked like I were dead last Friday when they saw me had something to do with this change. But I also realized my eye shadows have been sitting there for a while. It is time they see the sunlight! 

1 comment:

  1. This post left me lingering and thinking about things i've lost...
    i wonder why sometimes we decide to hold on to memories that have no positive effect on us...all they do is remind us of things/events/people that need to be forgotten!...
    just wondering... lol

    P.S: good decision about the eyeshow. Although natural beauty is deeply appreciated and often times complimented, color always gives an interesting twist to things...



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