Thursday, August 26, 2010

Personal Satisfaction

My mother has a golden rule, which on a rather awful translation reads: rather dead than simple. She lives by those words so much so that when she found herself on a hospital bed right out of the ICU after at terrible accident unable to talk, she wrote a note asking us to bring her at least mascara. But we are not going to talk about my mother here; we are talking about cubicle world and its misfortunes. You kids know this month has been disaster month at cubicle world, which basically means one could wear jeans every day of the week if one so wishes. In other words, my mother's golden rule is being trampled upon shamelessly. Around here, it always is, actually. It’s quite the show to observe the clothing choices of the cubicle world inhabitants as everyone seems confused about what they should be wearing. But you knew that considering it happens on a daily basis whether disaster month is in place or not.
Today, Nes and I decided to come dressed to the nines. We were attention magnets! Haha I do believe it is safe to proclaim our outfits make people uncomfortable. The stares speak for themselves. On a further note, consider the following, our boss reminded me about how cubicle world is not a place to showcase delightful outfits. He followed that comment by mentioning Nes and I looked like New Yorkers, which totally made my day as he also said I looked like I was channeling Audrey Hepburn. While he is correct to the extent at which he referenced the fact that we work in a city surrounded by fields, his comment is not entirely true. When he said there is not any need to dress like we do for the time we spend at cubicle world everyday, he forgot we irreverently choose to ignore the lack of style awareness and appreciation thereof at cubicle world. According to him, we should just follow the unspoken rules of dressing one point above causal every other day of the week that is not disaster Thursdays. He fails to understand the drive for our sartorial choices is personal, thus more powerful than any dress code requirements or regulations. 
At the moment my boss made that comment, I wanted to point out that if we will not jump off a bridge because everyone else in the company is doing it, why would we commit sartorial suicide? Remain alive, above all else! Instead I simply made him aware of a fact you kids have long know. Our outfit/look choices are based on a simple principle: personal satisfaction. I will admit that it is flattering, to say the least, when we notice the heads turning as we walk by properly dressed. But we dress for hearing the mirror scream: "You look fabulous!" as we stand in front of it every morning. If that makes us vain, so be it! This type of vanity goes beyond the limits of the fields that surround the city where our current work grounds are located. The fact that we currently find ourselves locked inside a disastrous sartorial cage does not mean we have to play the part. We are locked, NOT chained. We will find the hidden key and walk out untouched and unaffected by the sartorial catastrophes we observe everyday. 

In other news, I love this dress! It vaguely reminds me of this Vicky B beauty and this Balenciaga masterpiece.


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