Friday, August 13, 2010


Our boss told my bff who you might know as Nes from I'm out of Control, and I that we overdress for our job. Perhaps we do. Perhaps this conclusion is only clear when our outfits are compared to those of the rest of the work force. Whatever the case, when he said those words, I began to wonder about a very recent article I read on Nes' blog where he explains why he feels like a MacBook Pro used for internet browsing and reading emails. I can see myself being described in those words as well.
Being overdressed for work is nothing, when you think about how underutilized our skills are.
We are definitely meant for greatness, like our outfits can tell, like the MacBook Pro is. But, alas, bills need to be paid and we should be in the shadows until our bills weight less than ourselves and we can carry them with us through the streets of cities far, far away...


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p.s. I should begin my countdown.

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