Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not an Option

I have heard too many people pronounce the infamous "fake it 'till you make it" line. While many people choose to live by those words, I refuse do so. If this so eagerly sought for success is not real but fake, then it obviously doesn’t exist and should be accepted as so. I refuse to hang my hopes, dreams and expectations from this ghostly thread. I refuse to fake a success that I have yet to achieve. Yes, it is painful to recognize this reality. But this kind of pain is worth suffering because it means I am still alive and trying. If I surrender to this practice, then I run the risk of believing in it. Falling into that trap is the most dangerous consequence of this practice because it wraps people around and makes them feel the warmth of the so desired success. As a result, they stop fighting for it as it seems they have already accomplished it. I do not want to stop fighting. I want this. I want it more than anything else I lust for. I do not want to get lost in a simulation of what can be. I want it real.
I want to make it, so I don't have to fake it.



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