Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intertwined but Never Joined

Ideas that collect the rain like puddles and swell beyond their borders. Then, after having run their course, they empty themselves like rivers to an ocean. Concepts that grow slowly and then crumble falling to dust. People who meet, talk and form relationships like the branches of a tree. But the branches also break and fall apart. Lives divided into days as a book is divided into chapters. Pages rip as memories are struck by time while others are memorized by heart. Books that form libraries. All from different subjects housed under one roof.
Everything is spilled on the sidewalks. Everything evaporates. Everything, and everyone, is held together by a thread whether thick or thin. Together, but definitely not scrambled in a mix.
Details and lives so connected as the day and the night unknowingly depend on each other for existence, yet so visibly far apart as Andromeda from the Milky Way and beyond...


©Copyrighted 2010

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