Friday, August 20, 2010


Guess what kids?!
It seems I am not meant to have internet at home!
It is not a joke. I know you had not noticed my lack of internet, but I had been living without internet for a month! Ha! The situation became complicated last week when the connection I had been using DISAPPEARED! Poof and it was gone! In a second my world crumbled to the ground and was blown away by the wind. Fine, it was not that serious, but I totally freaked out! The issue must be solved. Internet is ridiculously important these days as you all know. Plus, I do need it to survive these next few months. 
As a result of the above mentioned catastrophe, I scheduled an appointment to equip my apartment with internet. Epic fail! The technician did not show up on time so I had to reschedule as I had to go to work. Today I woke up early again as I was expecting the technician bright and early. Failed. Again. When I rescheduled, I specified I wanted the same time as my original appointment. Well, whoever made the rescheduled appointment missed the part where my original appointment was between 7 and 8AM. Considering it was past 8AM this morning and the technician still was not anywhere to be seen, I called. The response was, "he should be there any minute now." I left to work and he still was not there. This occurred even after I explicitly requested to have the technician come by as close to seven as possible. So guess what?! Yes, I missed out on spending an extra hour with Morpheus for absolutely nothing! Ugh!
Since my housemate was at home until 11AM, I did not call back to reschedule the appointment. Despite not receiving any news on the matter from my housemate throughout the day, I was hoping the technician had shown up even if it had been super late. Surprise! I returned to an apartment without internet after work! I called the company to figure out what happened and I was told the technician arrived at around 9:30AM and nobody opened the door. I suppose my housemate was sleeping and did not hear the technician knocking on the door, but do keep in mind his arrival time was originally set to be between 7AM and 8AM. The girl on the phoned asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I said I would call back. Maybe I should have said yes, but I have a difficult time dealing with ineptitude. Unheard of, I am sure, but this company already messed up twice. 
The only certainty at the moment is that I NEED internet at home!


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