Friday, August 6, 2010

Income Deficit

Today: first paycheck...
First and foremost, all allow me to express my strong dislike for income taxes. Of course, they must be paid. But as progressive as they are, one can only find consolation in thinking/hoping for an equally progressive tax refund at the end of the fiscal year.
Days like today are precisely when I wonder when will my number one public university education become a positive asset and work its magic to pull me above the poverty threshold. Alas, only time will provide me the answer. I am aware that bills, undoubtedly, take most of my disposable income, but that is part of another chapter. The point here is that if income taxes, among others of their kind, did not have such a negative effect on said income, I would... mmm. Well, for starters remember my shoe purchase plans. Now, they have been canceled. As I cannot afford to make a Louboutin fund at the moment, or a Birkin fund for that matter, I have decided not to spend money unnecessarily until further notice...
Considering the above mentioned exposition as well as the decision made, I should not be shopping this weekend, but I will probably commit a sin or two and bring home a couple of new acquisitions. It will be difficult to resist since I will be spending the weekend visiting my Alma Mater and some great friends.

Here is to a relaxing, nature embedded, and art abundant, filled with delicious food and accompanied by terrific friends fabulous weekend in the Bay!


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p.s. I made sure to leave you some posts to enjoy while I am not around.

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