Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Housemate

At this point, all of you know that my current dwelling grounds can be located in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as, the central Cali coast. This area has nearly perfect weather and beautiful beaches, but... that is about it!
I have told you I am here for a job as well as made sure you are aware this is the in-between situation/location. Now, I want to tell you about my housemate. Yes, I have a housemate. It is like I have been transported back to the college days with roommates who have weird majors, except now my housemate does not have a weird major, but a weird (understand creepy) job.
My housemate is a mortician. Do not blink and rub your eyes, you read correctly. I live with a mortician as in picks up bodies from houses, accidents and hospitals. The death causes are not an obstacle. Then, proceeds to prepare those bodies to either be cremated, buried or transported to a different location.
Everyday there is a new story or two about a body that was picked up or dropped off. Originally I thought about telling you a few of those stories, but I decided not to, considering there are so many. One thing is certain, being a mortician does not seem to be monotonous in the least minimum. It is strange, yes, since where I come from, the family takes care of all that is involved in such situations. But at the end of the day, it is a job and someone has to do it. Do not misunderstand me, the fact that it does not sound boring at all unlike my current job does not mean that I would even think about switching occupations for the time being.
At first, it was so creepy and extra scary hearing about all this, but it is normal to hear about it now. Yet, it definitely still scares me.


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p.s. I must confess I have to sleep with a nightlight on.

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