Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homemade Meals

First of all, let me clarify that I am aware the sandwiches I have been eating for lunch are homemade meals. However, I am TIRED of said homemade meals. To be completely honest, I do not exactly know how I have managed to survive on the following for this long: sandwich -7 grain bread, spinach, pepper jack cheese and either turkey, chicken or salmon-, yogurt –assorted flavors-, granola bars, to which I randomly added one or two of the following items: peach, blueberries, tapioca pudding, jell-o and always a lot of water!
Yes, kids you have read correctly. I have been eating some sort of combination of the above for over six weeks now. No, I am not on a diet. It is called necessity. Now I am not saying this is the kind of necessity where one is forced to eat what one can afford. Though I am pretty sure I am living UNDER the poverty threshold, I am not restricted financially to eat the above mentioned meals. The kind of necessity that lead me to eat as explained above arises from moving to an unknown town without cooking utensils. I should have gone to buy said utensils a long time ago. But at the beginning it was perfectly fine to eat this sort of meal. I figure I would do it for a couple of weeks until I was able to stand on my feet financially. Wait! What? I suppose it did start for financial reasons. Yet, once I was on my feet I am not sure what prevented me from fixing this problem. It will be, not more!
I am proud to announce that this self-perpetrated culinary torture ends this Friday! I will be eating delicious meals come Saturday as I will be going home for the holiday weekend. I am looking forward to a few amenities that can be found at my permanent address. Also, to a few other eatables that can be bought around the area. I have a list of places I will be making a stop at such as Antojito for agua de pina and esquite; Paleteria Limon for a skippy and tostilocos; Sprinkles for cupcakes, of course; Plaza Mexico for a Paleta and a churro; Sushi-Sumo for sushi, obviously. Finally, there is a pending family dinner that I am hoping takes place at Outback!
I can taste all these goodies already! *licks her lips* Mmm
Just to clarify, this end to eating the same meals is not limited to the holiday weekend. I will be borrowing cooking utensils from my mother, so I will be eating homemade meals for lunch and dinner as of next Tuesday. I might on occasion be a little lazy and not cook lunch so I will have to resort to the same sandwich and its accomplices for lunch. But one day won’t kill me as long as I know I will be cooking a delicious dinner!
Homemade meals how I have miss you, but we will soon meet again. I know we will have to part in the future, but hopefully our time together will last!


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