Saturday, August 14, 2010


Considering the power of subjectivity, I can honestly say I felt I was in a sort of paradise last weekend. A key factor was having conversations with people who can actually hold a conversation. But there were other factors involved, of course.
I am so tired of this repetitive, mundane, dull adult life I currently have. It is not the kind of fatigue that one can rest off by sleeping well or taking a couple of days to relax. It is the kind that makes you feel the exact moment at which your brain cells commit suicide, dare I say mass suicide at times, because they are not being challenged. Their work is now limited to how fast my creative drive moves. I really need to challenge myself or come up with a project that will take me long enough to complete so it functions as a constant challenge. With that said, it is clear that I will focus on my art for the time being, so expect updates on how the situation develops.
I am currently finishing up some specifics and trying to figure out the process of sending said work to publishers. Also, this past weekend L told me about how to approach galleries to have them show my work which immediately expanded perspectives. I am experiencing a strong inclination towards holding a public reading even if there is not a real book yet. I might be hallucinating cheaply right now, but the ideas are there and they will be put in practice... soon I hope. COURAGE COME TO ME!


I have discovered the meaning of truly wanting something enough hides behind the courage to stand up after falling and continue moving along until success is achieved. Now I must plan/have an encounter with said courage, yesterday.


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p.s. Any ideas to keep me entertained are welcomed!

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