Thursday, August 19, 2010

he wears jeans that fit

First of all consider the following two things: (1) I have told you endlessly about disaster Thursdays at my job. My eyes will never be immune to such atrocity, but I must learn to bear with it for the next few months. (2) There is always an exception to every rule. The reality that Thursdays are disasters is not necessarily a rule, but just a fact of life at cubicle world.

The exception to this malady that plagues cubicle world -besides Nes and I, of course- wears jeans that fit! Yes, he does! May I add, he is also decently dressed every other day of the week. The boy in question not only knows how to be properly dressed, but is also the only cute specimen at work. As you might understand if you continue to read this post, he is also the current object with which I am fixated. Considering he sometimes walks around and I don't know where he sits or what he does, I can also sometimes be found walking around just in case I see him.
He looks to be young, early to middle twenties at most. He is tall enough for me to wear my four-inch heels and have him still be taller
and let's not forget the fact that he is also thin. I have not yet had the opportunity to observe him closely, but he has sun kissed skin, dark and apparently curly hair. His gaze is puzzling to say the least as I still have not had a period of eye contact long enough to determine what I think about it. I also don’t know what color his eyes are, but I could get lost in them regardless of their color. As far as his race, I speculate he comes from a mixed household since I am unable to identify his features as any in particular. I can tell you, however, that he has an enigmatically pretty smile. He also seems to be rather down to earth as he talks to basically everyone who inhabits cubicle world... except me, obviously.
 But he does smile whenever we cross paths.
Nes accidentally discovered he speaks Spanish, which automatically entitles him to about half a million brownie points! He is also a college graduate, which merits him a golden star.

So far I have only observed him from a short distance sort of like a wild animal at the Safari. As my youth is being wasted in cubicle world, I wonder how long it would take to build the courage to invite him out for coffee.
It better not be too long because I won’t be here forever!
But I do think I should learn his name first.



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