Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Endings are Boring

A happily ever after ending makes any journey seem so dull. If you live happily ever after, what do you live for? Happily ever after means there won't be any changes, no adrenaline, no excitement, no surprises, no fear, but only pure simple monotonous happiness. It is such an easy way to conform to societal expectations and give up free will. It sounds attractive, of course, considering everyone wants to be happy. But true happiness is fleeing. Happily ever after is accepting what one has and where one is as the end of the journey. Thus, happily ever after could be anyone, anything and anywhere. Wherever one is and whatever one has at any moment in time, there is always so much to be seen, so much to be had, so much to be enjoyed. The journey doesn't end at happily ever after. The journey ends when one dies.
If you are currently at a happily ever after stop, jump on the next train and move along. The journey must continue. Perhaps you will find another happily ever after stop and you will decide to stay. Yet, if you make it only a pit stop, you might find this is a ride worth taking. Happiness is not finding a roof under which to cover from the rain. Happiness is enjoying and cherishing every drop of water that touches you while you walk under the rain.


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