Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hints of Glamour

I know I told you disaster Thursdays were the only days I can wear jeans to work. But as luck would have it, starting from last week, there is a new rule for the month of August. It is a sort of compensation for our hard work. A joke if you ask me. This new temporary rule consists on having a disaster month. Yes, you read correctly. This whole month my eyes will be in extreme pain. I can't even begin to count the amount of flip flops and sweats I have already seen and this rule has been in effect for three days! It is ridiculous!
My mother definitely would NOT approve!
Anyway, today I decided to wear jeans and join the masses for this casual month. I know this blog speaks to the contrary, but I am not exactly a fan of being the center of attention and my refusal to adhere to the new rule was cause for stares, too many in fact. Weakness? Perhaps. Comfort? Perhaps. The point is I am now in casual month mood. I wore jeans to work on a Tuesday, unheard of! haha But fear not, I did wear heels as a way to hold on to the glamour of the golden era because, as my mother would say, "one CANNOT lose the glamour. Before dead, than simple!" Yet, always keep in mind that glamour occurs in hints. Delicately. It peaks out through the window slowly as to be seen, but not observed...


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