Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food and Friends

I am perfectly aware that the food I find in the Bay can be found anywhere. The flavor will indeed vary, but in theory the plates would be the same. Regardless of such reality, the food in the Bay, or Berkeley for a more specific location, is one of the things that will have me returning there even after all my friends are gone from the area... even if I feel like I gain ten pounds every time I am there! Ha!

A VERY late dinner at Thai Basil

Breakfast: Crepes a Go Go
Lunch at La Boulange which is not in Berkeley, but in the City.

Quickly: Jazmin Green Milk Tea with Tapioca

I decided to reunite whoever could make it to dinner at the best sushi restaurant I have tried Joshu-ya's Sushi Boat. This restaurant also holds some memories that will always be very special on my book.

The friends who made it to dinner!
The so much awaited for FOOD!
Miso Soup

The Salad

Marilyn Monroe

Dessert: Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

Breakfast: La Note

Cinnamon Bread and Lavender Honey

Lavender honey, fresh raspberry jam, grapefruit juice

Les Ouefs Lucas
This is the second best breakfast plate I have ever had right after Huevos MotuleƱos from my natal Michoacan.

The best frozen yogurt:

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