Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue Over Indulgence

Blue is the color of the sky so in a sense it is the color of infinity as seen from Earth. I know the sky has a limit because the universe is not infinite, you get the idea. The point here is that blue is a beautiful color, but it also has a negative connotation. Depression. We must not over indulge in this practice as it is a vicious cycle from which we might not be able to escape. We can lose track of where the exit is if we stay for too long. It is perfectly fine to feel depressed at times because it is part of our hormonal cycle. So experiencing a hormonal imbalance that causes us to be depressed at times is, dare I say it, normal. But when this feeling lasts an extended period of time, we have a problem. Depression is a stop along the way, not a destination. Feel free to look around the station, but do not step outside as you might get lost, thus, unable to find your way back and out of there. So after you have looked around and experienced the gloom, understand that you do not have to stay there. Return to the platform, board the next train and move along.


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