Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful Things and a Pair of Tragedies

Beauty is subjective. The subjectivity of it is also dependant on space and time. I should know since I spent almost half of a semester studying the metaphysics of it. Yet, there is also a completely different approach to this issue if we consider the realm of forms and understand that there is only beauty in the world, life, people, etc as opposed to having them be beautiful on their own. Life, as we know it, we consider beautiful as well as filled with beautiful things and events that form our experiences some of which are aimed to be enjoyed and others as painful lessons to be learned.
I will not bore you by writing a list of things I consider beautiful as you will have a, perhaps, completely different list of your own.
Beauty, there is plenty though its ample dominion is surrounded by two great tragedies as we are born, and then we die. Still, beauty remains unchanged.


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