Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Steps

This weekend I decided that it was about time I took a step. I reached a point where I NEEDED movement. Hence I decided to take a step that should have been taken years ago, but for which I was not ready. Though I should be running by now, I am barely learning how to crawl so as not to risk falling and hitting myself so hard that I would die in the attempt, I took a baby step. 
It has taken me a long time to even realize which road I wanted to take. I picked a long road that must be walked slowly and carefully. So here I am at the entrance of this world, which I have observed from outside through the windows and from above for so long.
In case you are wondering what I did, I decided to send informal emails to magazines about my work. The previous submissions I made were part of contests, which I obviously lost. Next step will be a formal submission. Now I am trying a new mode of transportation while others remain on sight waiting their chance to be employed.


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  1. "a professor told me on friday: being at zero is a good point because you can only go up from there", and that move you just made has moved you up. So it doesn't matter how small, it was a good thing.



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