Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disaster Thursdays

Today was disaster Thursdays at work. When I say disaster, think epic proportions like the four horse riders of the apocalypse were let lose! There were SO many fashion victims at work, it stopped being hilarious and became sad... 

The state of boredom has not improved, much to the contrary, it seems to aggravate by the minute. But today I reached a conclusion that I need to stop counting the days I spend here. I have thought this through and I have realized that each day I spend here is not one more I spend here but one less I have to spend here. Rather than adding them up, there should be a sort of countdown to the day I leave. It is set somehow. It is known. Time will go by and then when I least expect it, I will be gone. So will my days here, days that will become a memory from the past.

Here is to SUPER Casual Thursdays...


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