Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1

After about 24 hours of thoughts and more thoughts, impulses and decisions later dismissed, I find myself finally able to define my current situation: I am in the in between. Literally, in the in-between living with my parents after college and moving to the Old Continent. But in reality, I have a strange feeling of being lost floating around in a self-imposed limbo.
Today went by quickly and it seemed as a premonition of the speed at which my time in limbo will pass. Today went by so quickly I did not have time to think. It was a good thing not to think for a while. But when the torrent of thoughts was released, the prairie was completely swamped. It was a natural disaster that would be washed away by another storm.

One exciting thing about today was that it marked my official return to the gym! Yes, my skinny self waits ahead! Plus, I get to dress up even if I have to be at a cubicle for eight hours. haha

Here is a picture of what I wore today:


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