Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode Nineteen: Style for Style

Recap: Relevant evolution
Style is usually taken to be only related to the way one dresses.  However, style goes beyond appearances.  Style is a personal affair used to express intellectual state as well as showing through physical appearance, at times, but more importantly shown in the way art is created. Style is not about the spotlight it is about relevance.  It also takes a lifetime to be created.
Creating a personal style is a means to stay relevant.  Style is not being in the spotlight on one day and fading away in the background the next morning.  It is a way to make precisely that which is invisible remain relevant and visible. Style evolves so that relevance is achieved.  It is important to recognize that styles exist in different areas of the self such as clothing choices, writing, painting, photography, drawing, etc., etc.
The question then becomes how does one create/build/choose a style. A style is not chosen, it BECOMES over a lifetime. There are movements, but each artist has a personal spark. That is the key to remaining relevant.
As one of the viewers put it, style comes about when one learns how to use the medium properly and drives it not to its physical limits but to its creative limits.

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