Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Episode Twelve: Discrediting the Self Blindly

Recap: Faith in oneself is the only acceptable faith
Last night's show turned out to be a sort of encore to Episode 10 (the one about excuses). It seems that blind faith is used in such a way, as an excuse. Most people tend to have a blind faith on an external entity, someone or something that is beyond them.  People hold on to that when they find themselves in need or they fear. But tend to forget that they are the only ones who can actually do something about the situation whether it is improve or worsen it; and, discarding the amount of time said change would take them or the route it would take them.
There is a great difference between simply sitting by the window waiting for an opportunity to come by and walking outside to look for it. That blind faith that permits us believe we will find an opportunity if we seek it is the faith that is lost when we blindly believe on the possibility that something or someone beyond us will provide us what that opportunity we so desperately need. In such manner, we sometimes let opportunities pass by.
If one has blind faith in oneself, then one can completely own the merit of something one did and others will also begin believing on what we are capable of. If , however, we refrain from believing blindly in the self, then we cannot take any credit for what we do. In this way, we also tend to avoid the blame, which is what most of people try to escape. But is avoiding blame for a mistake worth losing credit for the many achievements? I think not.

One more thing, someone said out of air that some people are so blinded by faith that they see miracles occurring and the visible isn't curable. Please do see the dilemma there.  It is a phrase definitely worth understanding.

Keep those comments coming! They have begun to challenge my train of thought and that is greatly appreciated :)

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