Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode Thirteen: Whites Lies and Their Demons

Recap: Are secrets protection or a trap?
Last night's shows was more about the effect secrets have on people who keep them than on people they are kept from.  We started simple, as usual, by asking why people keep secrets and the ramifications started immediately.
The first idea is that people keep secrets simply because they think they can get away with murder.  But then keeping a secret is sort of the same thing as committing the perfect crime: if you tell, then it isn't perfect, but if you don't tell then nobody will know it was perfect!
So people keep secrets because they are a way to protect themselves from the consequences their actions might have.  People keep secrets in order to  avoid being judged most of the time. Though used as a form of protection, secrets are also a trap. They can be a self inflected torment.  Keeping a secret is like being trapped inside a clear box: you can see the outside but you cant walk out of it or the secret will be doomed.

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