Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Episode Fifteen: Happiness is Overrated

Recap: It is all about the moment, the now.
To start simple: there is not a clear definition of what is happiness of what it is not. But somehow lacking a clear goal of what being happy would mean, we aim to reach it with an insufferable desire.
Happiness is commonly and wrongfully so spoken of as a destination. Everyone wants to reach that point of happiness as opposed to happiness being part of the process of living a life. But if this is so and happiness is really a destination then we can either spend all our lives searching for it or we can actually arrive to where it is and then not have absolutely anything to look forward to after. It seems better to think of happiness as a road not a destination which is not really conceived as possible by the masses. If this approach is taken, then one can at least enjoy the road and what is on its sides as opposed to focusing on the horizon and never enjoying the walk, in other words, life.
So leading to another point, happiness is subjective. What makes some people happy for others does not matter. But is happiness attainable despite our families, the relationships we have, and our work? Again, it is subjective.
Happiness is overrated because we focus on finding happiness somewhere other than the moment we are living right there and then.  We must enjoy the moment not look for another moment during which we will be happy. Happiness is misleading. As we look for it, we are mislead to believe happiness can be greater than it already is. Thus, failing to be happy. Happiness is also fleeing.  We always know when we were happy, but never really understand when we are.  Key there the verb tenses.
It was also mentioned that people are scared to be happy. Well, perhaps that is the reason why we focus on the horizon rather than on the steps we take.
Finally, I would like to make a point: Happiness lies within, not around.

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p.s. "Tengo miedo de que por ser feliz se me acabe la emoción."
      - Ximena Sariñana.
     I fear that if I am happy, I would not longer have emotion (feel).

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