Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episode Fourteen: Playing Dirty to Win

Recap: Is willingness a measure of value?
Last night's show boiled down to a simple question: how far would you go to get what you want? Many people have a tendency to play a "wishing game" as opposed to "going out and getting what they want."  It seems so simple yet it is so difficult to do.  The key here lies in understanding what some people are capable of doing when do in fact go out to get what they want. So people undoubtedly play dirty to get what they want. But the question then becomes what does it mean to play dirty? It could go anywhere from lying, cheating, stealing, having sex with those in power, or killing.
The reason many people find these practices unacceptable and consider them dirty play is mainly because they would rather have those who use them quit or conform.
But the real issue here is whether the end justifies the means. That is where ends and means are categorized into which fits with what, meaning which means are justified by what ends.  Who decides what fits with what depends on the person doing the judging.  In this also enters, how much are certain things valued as opposed to others when it comes to what means we allow them.     
One last thing, the difference is in who finds out about what dirty games were used or whether someone finds out at all.

How FAR would you go to get what you WANT?

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